Fractured Beauty | A Group Exhibition at Wollongong Art Gallery

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Amandine Faggotter 'Align'  2014 Watercolour on paper

Amandine Faggotter ‘Align’ 2014, watercolour on paper, 76 x 56cm, Photography by Bernie Fischer

Ceramics and Textiles.

Amandine Faggotter, ‘Head Space’ 2014, watercolour on paper, 76 x 56cm, photography by Bernie Fischer

FRACTURED BEAUTY  13 September – 26 October 2014 Wollongong Art Gallery In September 2014 I was lucky to be apart of a group exhibition at Wollongong Art Gallery. Above are two of five works that I presented at the exhibition that explored notions of disintegration in nature, society and objects and the beauty and poetry which can be found from analysing fragments. The Exhibition was brought to life as an extension of the Local:Current Project which was introduced in 2009 and finalised in 2013. Louise Brand, the Curator of Fractured Beauty described my work, as follows: Amandine Faggotter’s watercolours examine the idea that individuals are a fragment of a larger societal group. The abstracted forms and symbols play with the form of the brain and how we may be connected to other through familial or friendship ties, random exchanges or through a collective subconsciousness.


RAW Artists Wollongong

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'Things are Looking Rosie', 2013, Watercolour on Paper 38 x 38 cm

‘Things are Looking Rosie’, 2013, Watercolour on Paper 38 x 38 cm

Friday Night the 2nd of August was the first ever RAW ARTIST event in Wollongong. ‘Things are Looking Rosie’, 2013 is one of the new pieces I produced to exhibit at this exhibition that showcased over 40 artists from the Illawara.

I want to send out a huge thank you to all my friends and family that came to support me on the night. It was a massive event with over 850 people passing through!  More images of my new works to come.

If anyone is interested in getting involved, there will be more RAW events coming up in Wollongong check out the website’




Back Tracking – UOW Paper Planes 2012 Graduate Show


The last eight months have flown right by and finally after finishing my marketing and PR exams for Autumn I have some time to do some blog back tracking! I completely missed out some super incredible experiences over the last eight months including my Creative Arts Graduate Show ‘Paper Planes’ that was  a huge successful and a whirlwind of excitement! I was very fortunate be one of five students nominated by our lecturers for ‘Hatched’ 2013 at PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Art). It was a great opportunity to apply for Hatched and although I wasn’t selected for the final thirty or so students that would exhibit in Perth I was very chuffed. Tom Williams at UOW was nice enough to take some professional shots of my work when they where exhibited for the Gradshow.  Due to the subtle nature and light colouring of this large scale watercolour series they are hard to photograph, the detail seems to confuse the camera and its difficult for it to focus. Nevertheless I think these ones turn out pretty good.

Amandine Faggotter, Connection Series, 2012, Photo by Tom Williams

Amandine Faggotter, Connection Series, 2012, Photo by Tom Williams

Amandine Faggotter, System [detail] 2012, Photo by Tom Williams

Amandine Faggotter, System [detail] 2012, Photo by Tom Williams

Question Make Connect Exhibition 2013




These are my works from the recent exhibition QUESTION MAKE CONNECT at Studio 19 in Wollongong. It was a group exhibition and my fellow artist made some very beautiful work.

The Statement that goes with this series is as follows; The mind works in many weird and wonderful ways. Questioning the way we use them has enabled me to investigate and appreciate the unique was we all function. ‘Brain Tied’ explores our individuality as well as our similarities in a subtle yet humourous way because in the end were all just trying to keep our heads on.



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It is set! Save the date. Friday Night the 22nd February 2013 Jacqueline Mcleish, Sarah Clark and I will be opening our first group exhibition Bodies of Water at Exposure Arts and Media: Studio 19 in Wollongong. The exhibition will be on for 2 weeks 19th Feb – 2nd March 2013.

As a group exhibition Bodies of Water explores the spread, flow and connection of water which as a concept is derived from the process and practice of using watercolour as our main medium. The works will not strictly adhere to a set theme but instead be a response to concepts deriving from Bodies of Water. It is a loose exploration of the fluid movement of water. The process of holding (soaking) and releasing (evaporating), pooling and drying are all practical processes used to create watercolour images. Each work will follow different avenues in response to the concept of water. Bodies of Water is indicative of many elements and gives us room to move conceptually.

More details closer to the event!

photography by Amandine Faggotter, 2012

Painting Subtle Connections

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Over the past 10 weeks or so I have been painting my major work on a lovely 1.5m x 2m piece of 300gsm, grana fina Fabriano Artistico paper. On Friday I finally put the painting up on the wall and took some photos. Putting your work up on the wall can be a really good way to get a different perspective of your work, especially if, like me, you have been working up close and in detail. Getting it up on the wall lets you see it as an actual painting! It lets you view the work more subjectively and how others may view it too. It seems to me that taking some photos also changes the work in some way and it looks different once again. For me, with this particular painting all the small details I worked on and fussed about disappear and melt into the overall image. Putting you work up also helps determine if it is actually finished or not. I am still working this part out but here are the said photos I took on Friday;

Amandine Faggotter, 2012 : Work in Progress Watercolour on Paper, 1.5m x 2m

Amandine Faggotter, 2012 : Work in Progress [Detail] Watercolour on Paper, 1.5m x 2m


Thankyou Terry Winters

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Through this 3rd and final year of Visual Arts I have been strongly influenced by the work of Terry Winters. Winters is an American painter and printmaker who lives and works in New York. His paintings were introduced to me by my then lecturer Richard Hook who also had a book full of Terry Winters work. Winters work has evolved over his artistic career and although his recent works are incredible I am much more interested and influenced by his early more earthy  paintings.The concepts behind Winters work are also particulary interesting to me as he explores ideas of networks and connections,.  So in respect and appreciation of Winters, here is some of his earlier works.

Terry Winters, Double Gravity, 1984

Terry Winters, Album ll

Terry Winters, Morula lll, 1984

Terry Winters, Untitled, 1991

Terry Winters, Schema,1985-6